Phil, Pat and George Riding 815 Miles to MIG Motorcycle Gathering

Dinner at “Butts on the Creek BBQ Grill”

Phil and Candice Enjoying Dinner at “Butts on the Creek”

MIG Takes over the Creekside Lodge

I pitty the poor lodge customer who doesn't know that there is a MIG gathering.

Rear View of the Creekside Lodge

View of Creekside Lodge Pool and Mountains Beyond

My First Ride Stop on Blue Ridge Parkway. Candice and other enjoy with thumbs up sign

Cranberry Ridge in the Distance. 700 feet below

Spencer. The day is great for a long ride.

Bernard, Spence, Phil, George and Joe on the Blue Ridge Parkway

George Helping to Water the Plant Life

View from Blue Ridge Parkway

Just Hanging Out on Parkway - Oh yeah - Waiting for Pat to Arrive. We forgot him

Blue Ridge at 6053 Feet. Highest Point

Photo Op from 6053 Feet on Blue Ridge Parkway

Joe - Proud at 6053 Feet. I Finally Made it :-)

Phil and Candice

Margarittaville Grill, Lake Lure near Chemney Rock, NC (Hwy 74A)

Candice on Blue Ridge Parkway

Bernard Enjoying the Ride. The Perfect Ride

George Watering That Grass Again....


MIG Members Relaxing After a Long Day of Riding

After a long ride, you're tired, but not too tired to talk about the day

Phil and Coz Discussing Non-Susuki Matters

Nothing like stories of the days rides - over a beer of course

Nothing like an evening at the camp fire.

Camp Fire Relaxation

There's that smile again :-)

Gasing up and taking a wiz prior to heading to the Cherahalla Parkway - A MUST RIDE

Map of the Nation's Most Scenic Roads

Cherahallow Parkway

Cherahallow Skyway - a $100 Million Scenic Roadway

The Views are Spectacular. The Blue Haze is what makes the Smoky's Smoky.

George running for that plant that needs watering again !!!

Photo of Photographer

MIG Group Shot

Thumbs Up Riding

Tellico River, near Tellico Plain at the end of the Cherahallow Skyway

An Endless Supply of Slowly Winding Roads

Keeping the Pack Tight is always a challenge.


George and Phil on the Parkway

Candice on Blue Ride Parkway

BMW Touring Machine

Relaxing after the Days Ride

Bernard and Phil taking a break

Jonathan Creek behind the Creekside Lodge

Wheels of Time Museum, Maggie Valley, NC -


Wheels of Time is one of the best tranportaion museums in the nation in my book

Vintage 1913 4-cyl. Motorcycle.

Blue Caddy Owned by Neil Young

1948 Harley Model "FL" Panhead


1917 Traub - One of One

A garage back in time.

The Hill Climb Exhibit. You feel like you are there.

"The Museum That Runs" Why the name?

Hill Climb Exhibit

The All MIG Smoky Dinner Night Out

The All MIG Smoky Dinner Night Out

The All MIG Smoky Dinner Night Out

The All MIG Smoky Dinner Night Out

Ever Riden A FAT BOY. Want to?

He's back (from Denmark). HIDE THE SHEEP...

After Dinner Party at the Creekside Lodge

Tail of the Dragon - 318 Curves in 11 Miles

Deal's Gap - Dyno Tuning Trailer and Crowd Watching

Phil Posing at Deal Gap. 318 Curves in 11 Miles

Deal's Gap is Packed - And its only a Thursday

George posing at the new Deal's Gap Photo Op Sign

Mr. Blvd.

Some 12,000 Honda Owners Will Converge over the next week at Deals Gap

Deal's Gap “Tail of the Dragon” Tree of Shame

George at the Tree of Shame

Deal's Gap T-Shirt Gallery

George on the Dragon.

Phil taking the curves on "The Tail of the Dragon"

Phil. Pay attention.

The return trip on the Dragon is just as fun.

Calderwood Dam. Built in 1930

The Tail of the Dragon CAN and DOES BITE. He wears his SOUVENIR with PRIDE.

1200 MG's in Town to Ride the Tail of the Dragon.

Rt 28 On Route Home

A view at Stumphouse in Wahaula, S.C.

Stumphouse Water Falls, Walaula, SC

Candice with Stumphouse Falls in Distance. Wahaula, SC

Stumphouse Water Falls. Wahaula, SC

Candice's parents Charlie and Dotty saying farewell on our way home.

Don't Let that that House Dress Show !!!!

Just having fun with the Federico's.