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Prior to the Schnurbush’s building this home in 1948, the land was used to farm their apple orchard. Prior to that, Alma had been raised in the Tapley House, an authentic and maintained antique home (circa 1700) located across the street. Like many old New England farms, the Schnurbush property was etched into the landscape by a century-old rock wall. This land is still dotted with several of the original apple trees. The Schnurbush’s lived and raised their family in this home for 36 years. It was somewhat of a local landmark to the area’s children, as Mrs. Schnurbush - Alma to most - taught piano here from her Living Room. With her children haven moving on and her being on her own, Alma decided that the home was simply too big for her to care for, and so, in July of 1984, Alma sold her home to the Parkers and moved a few miles away to Lynnfield’s popular Centre Village for the Elderly. Even with interest rates at 14.30%, the Parkers knew that Lynnfield was a wise investment, after all, their first home in South Lynnfield was purchased in 1978 for only $37,500.

The Parkers have enjoyed their home for 18 years now and throughout those years, have made constant updates and enhancements. Those updates have always been made to keep the house modern, yet careful attention has been maintained to preserve the home’s original charm and characteristics. In 1989, the Parker’s added a new Family Room addition. The third floor was complete done over shortly thereafter. That room has been used as a bedroom / retreat by the elder daughter, and an office for the past 2 1/2 years. Within the past year, the kitchen and baths have had significant upgrades.

From Kindergarten to graduation from Lynnfield High, Lynnfield’s school system has prepared the Parker’s two daughters very well for higher education. Both have, or will shortly be graduating from the area’s fine colleges. The kids are now grown and are spreading their wings. At the same time, the lure of warmer weather and a longer boating / motorcycle season is pulling strong, and thus, the Parker’s have chosen to relocate to the Del Ray Beach, Florida area. Lynnfield will always be their home. Maybe it will be yours too.

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