Hurricanes Batter Southern Florida

  Hurricane Jeanne

Just three weeks after Hurricane Frances, Florida ’s east coast was hit again making history by hitting within 2 miles of Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Jeanne, a strong Category 3 hurricane that packed 120 mile-per-hour winds.  Not since 1886 has a state experienced four hurricanes in a single season; Jeanne is the fourth hurricane to punish Florida in six weeks.  Florida Power & Light reports more than 1.7 million of its customers lost power as a result of Jeanne.


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2004 - Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan hit Alabama September 16, with destructive winds of up to 130 mph that knocked down power lines and trees and flooded streets. At least 12 people were killed, mostly by hurricane-spawned tornadoes in Florida. Much of Ivan’s heaviest damage hit the Florida panhandle region. Near Pensacola, a quarter mile section of the Highway I-10 bridge was washed away by storm surge.

  Hurricane Frances

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Hurricane Frances follows closely on the heels of Charley and leaves 2.8 million FPL customers without power. With sustained winds of about 105 miles per hour, Frances was much larger than Charley with hurricane-force winds extending over much of Florida for the better part of three days. Chronology. 

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2004 - Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Charley slams into Southwest Florida with sustained winds of 145 mph, carving a destructive path across the state before exiting at Daytona Beach. More than 25 lost their lives and 874,000 homes and businesses were without power. Chronology. 

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