My Personal Account of
Hurricane Jeanne (Sept 25, 2004) - Second Major Hurricane to Hit Southern Florida in 3 Weeks


This trailor park in Fort Pierce was hit pretty hard, though not flattened.  It was an aluminum collectors dream, which I saw a lot of.


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At the north end of Hutchenson Island, there exists the inlet from the ocean into the Intracoastal Waterway and the deepwater harbor of Fort Pierce.  Fort Pierce suffered a lot of damage, but not nearly as much as I was led to beleive by the local media.  I couldn't help catch the name fo this little bar and grill.  As you can see, it survived a second ashalt but was flooded within. 

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At the inlet, there is a park.  In this picture, we are looking toward both the ocean and the inlet itself.   Teh sandy area was once a lawn.  The ocean crested the beach and washed tons of sand up and over onto the entire park.

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This is where I normally would park my motorcycle. 


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This view is looking south.  It's the roadway completely covered in sand.  The beach is toward the left on the other side of the shaded sitting areas.


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This is a view of the nuclear generating facility on Hutchensen Island.  This facility was pretty close to ground zero, but it suffered little damage.  The only damage was to exterior building.  The nuke itself suffered no damage, but I'm told it was shut down prior to the storm hitting just to be safe.


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This was the scene of one hotel that the local athorities took over and used as a temporary collection site for hurricane debrie until it could be carted off of the island. 


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Every windows was boarded up on this resort.  The omminis message spray painted on the panels said it all.


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This seaside resort was heavily damaged.  Their resurant was heavily damaged. 


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And their cabana bar almost completely trashed, as was the pool deck.


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As you can see, the debrie piles were pretty large.


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This penthouse suite was one of the unlucky ones.  What is unusual is that the beach and oncoming hurricane was on the other side.  From looking at this, this building was on the southerly side of the storms visious center, and thus, the winds were circling around and blowing toward the ocean, and thus, blew out the entire wall of glass and a portion of the upper wall itself.  This building was in the papers and on national TV.  Little other damage was done to this building.


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The scene to the left was a typical one once you got into areas that were harder hit.  The National Guard and local police set up road blocks and would check I.D.s to allow only those that lived in the area and workers enter.   I used a doctored :-) utility bill as my pass into the land of NO, in fact, I had several that allowed me to travel fairly easily.


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While driving around, I noticed this cluster of trees that had been cut back due to excessive damage caused by the first hurricane.


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