My Personal Account of
Hurricane Frances' Aftermath in Palm Beach County (Sept. 04-05, 2004)

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When I got home, I was happy to see that there was no flooding, but my back yard had heavy tree damage.

Federal Hwy (Rte 1), which my street is located off of, saw many downed power lines.

And many downed trees.  In a 1.2 mile stretch, I counted 19 trees down in the middle island.  Most every palm tree withstood the storm with little harm.  Those that tipped over, can be replanted for the most part.

The future development site (right) which is across from my home on the side street, saw many old and established trees pulled out of the ground.  These trees are old.  They will all have to be cut down.  The billboards that did not have their sign panels removed earlier by the sign companies, had them removed for them by mother nature.

At this K-Mart, the parking lot was heavily flooded.  Oops.  The car is now deep in water.  If you live up north, be on the lookout for this car.  I'm told that they are fixed up and shipped north for resale.


In the mess of downed palms, a mother squirrel take her baby to safer ground.

Wherever you drive, you find trees down and taking the power, cable TV and phone lines down with them.

The tree damage is everywhere.  This damage is what has taken most of the power out.  Many street lights have been blown down, which is amazing considering that they should take these winds.  Regardless, every intersection has to be crossed one car at a time.  Few lights are in operation.

These homes were built just prior to Hurricane Andrews, which significantly increased and toughened building codes.  Many homes in this area had their shingles blown off, which compromised the roof to the heavy rains that followed. 

In the complex where I have been staying up to now, they suffered only a small amount of tree damage.  Just up the street, a tornado touched down which is a common occurrence during a hurricane.  The trees were splintered in all directions.

More tornado damage.

For 3 days, this was our stove.  It started off with four candles, but neighbors donated a steno can of fuel to the cause. 

We lived on Campbell's Chunky Chicken soup.

In the neighborhood across the main street, it appears that the wind bands hit them very hard.


Across the lake, the screen room is shown downed by the heavy winds.  This area is located to the west of West Palm Beach.  He was hoping to connect the generator in the eye of the storm, but the eye was north of this area and thus, they were on the edge of the storm the entire time in crossed their area - not a good thing.


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