2001 Harley Davidson Electra Glide STD (FLHT Model)

Asking $10,750

Kelly Blue Book Value for 2001 Harley ElectraGlide STD (FLHT) -

STOCK (no options included): $11,085

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See details comparison of most all 15 ElectraGlide STD's between 2000 - 2006 as listed at CycleTRADE online on March 3, 2008



iPod / MP3 Player on the Road. Absolutely. This bike has a great sound system (AM/FM/Weather/Cass w/ AUX input jack. Even the new Harley radios don't have an AUX jack (very stupid). The speakers have been upgraded to POLK AUDIO weather-proof speakers. The system kicks ass - even at highway speeds.



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My 2001 Electra Glide STD and the detailed parts list

Description Part Number:

Kuryakyn Hypercharger and Jets

Notes: From my research, this device doesn't add to the engines performance, but it sure does look good.  I get lots of comments.  I particularly like the ones that ask how much power did it add.  They really get bummed when I say it's mostly for looks.  :-)

$250.00 Option

Howard's Horns, Dynamic Duo Horn Set.

  • Motor mount quality, carbon steel, black wrinkle powder coated bracket holds both trumpets and horn cover with compressor underneath
  • Air induction system uses a single manifold which uses only 1 air hose not 3
  • On-demand air compressor hides under stock horn cowbell cover.
  • Aircraft braided stainless hose
  • All hardware incuded
  • 30 AMP horn relay included
  • Air horn compressor installs in existing stock HD chrome housing on late model Harleys (PART# 69012-93A).
  • These bad boys are extremely loud.  They WILL get you noticed. 

Installation Proceedure and pictures of Howard's Horns, Dynamic Duo Horn Set.


Dynamic Duo Air Horns



Wild Pig Slip-On Mufflers -
Slashcut slip-ons with removable baffle and adjustable packing for optimum tone.

These pipes are a great value. The tone is very deep and creates the ideal rumble.   They came highly recommended by many members of the Delphi Forums Electra Glide forum

The price of $186.00 was amazing and that's the price for the pair. You can't beat that...

The mufflers are very flexible to create your own loudness by changing the removable baffle with a larger or smaller baffle.  Next, you can line the baffle with muffler packing.  The more packing and the tighter the pack, the softer the tone.  Bigger inside diameter baffle tubes (optional) created a louder tone. 

I experimented a lot with different settings.  I removed the baffle completely and it was loud.  I packed them tight and used this for about 6 months.  I finally loosened the packing and removed it from half of the baffle tune.  The result was what I feel the best blend of tone and loudness, without sacrificing the ability to hear the radio on the freeway.

Summary:   I highly recommend these pipes and get a lot of positive comments.   I've heard few pipes that create the low rumble and still have a fair price.  I can say with great pride, I have the ability to set off the alarms on many parked cars.  I do think you need to keep them waxed to  preserve the chrome, but for the price, I would defiantly buy another pair. 

Video of pipes for tone

Brand New
Jan, 2008


H/D Security System (Factory Installed Alarm)

Note: Tons of options for arming the entire system, including the ability to unarm the unit using the turn signal buttons if you loose your fab or the battery runs low. This unit disables the entire bike's electrical system. Excellent unit and well worth the money. It is very important to read the manual when storing the bike during the winter. You don't want the unit to drain your battery dead. The tutorial tape is worthless..

Factory Option

H/D Factory Secuirty System Smart Siren Kit

Note: What good is a security system if you can't hear someone tampering with it. Well worth the extra money.

Add an additional level of security with this battery-operated siren. The replaceable internal battery provides continued security if main battery is disconnected. This high-powered siren has a piercing sound, and has built-in plug-type connector for easy connection to the wiring harness. Kit contains Smart Siren, mounting bracket and additional brackets and mounting hardware.

HD #:

H/D Radio/Cassette (Domestic)

This radio is a must have on a bike, and until you've ridden with one, you won't know what I'm talking about. The problem is that they aren't worth the money that they are asking and the quality should be higher for the money being paid. Luckily, my bike came with one when I bought it.

The radio offers a few nice features, such as thumb controls and a direct audio signal input for MP3 and CD Players. There are only 4 pre-sets, not good enough. The weather band is a nice feature as well. It has come in handy for long rides.

The stock Harley speakers were junk, and were replaced after teh first year with Polk Audio. See below.



Current Harley Radio Option: $959.95

H/D FLHT Whip Antenna Kit Use on '95-'05 FLHT models, without accessory Tour-Pak® luggage when adding an FLHT radio. Designed to mount the antenna to the rear fender support bracket. Includes an antenna, support bracket, all necessary hardware and installation instructions. HD #:

Polk Audio GXR5 High Performance Two-way Waterproof Speakers

These KICK ASS. These speakers are as strong today as the day I installed them. Suitable for marine applicaitons.

Here is the comparison review that I posted when I installed them.

Driver Complement: Mid/Woofer 1 - 5-1/4" Diameter (13.34cm)
Duralam composite cone, Tweeter 1 - 1/2" Diameter (1.27cm)

Overall Frequency Response 80-20kHz
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling (continuous) 45 w
Power Handling (peak) 115 w
Efficiency 91 dB
Voice Coil Diameter: Tweeter 1/2" (1.27cm)

Polk GXR5 or GXR5a

$105.95 (pair).

Note: Harley Enhanced Speakers are $100 and cheap as hell.  I'd never go back.

Chrome Front Speaker Trim

Adds a little splash to a typically boring area. Fits ’ 96-later Electra Glide® models.

Accented by a horizontal center bar with a Bar & Shield logo, this chrome-plated trim makes your speakers look as good as they sound. Convenient adhesive backing allows you to install the trim easily without removing the outer fairing. Made from lightweight ABS material.


HD #:

Portable Tunes for my EGlide -
Choices and Mounting

Note: iPod Not Supplied with Bike. Cost not figured into total options.

Apple iPOD Photo 30GB
This is my third MP3 Player for this bike. All have interfaced the radio through a variety of audio cables into the input jack available on most current HD radios through 2005.  Currently, I have much of my CD collection uploaded to my iPOD, but only those songs that I love.  Basically, I've got 28 days of music, sorted by playlists, song, artist, genre, album and even my own personal rating.

In my view, I have finally found the ideal MP3 solution for many Electra Glides equipped with a radio.  In the 4 years that I have owned this bike, I rarely ever listen to the radio, but rather, listen to my iPOD, control the volume and advance songs, all through the iPOD - even at night.  When I touch the iPOD, it lights up and is easy to read.

Mounting to Bike
I have chosen to mount my ipod to the gas tank deck just below the gas lid.  The reason is that there are far fewer vibrations here than anywhere on the fairing.  This is more important if a hard-disk based MP3 Player is chosen. I just think that vibration is a hard disks worst enemy. 

It's in easy reach and viewing.  I make all of my controls on the iPOD itself, such as advancing songs, playlists, even the volume. I found that it was easy to change the volume on the iPOD itself and saved the volume controls on the left hand grip.  I found that with my previous MP3 Player, I was slowly wearing out the Harley equipped controls, and thus, I switched to using the touch sensitive controls on the IPOD.

iPOD Case:
To mount the iPOD, I chose the Contour Design Showcase iPod case. It was very rugged, very flexible and offered a detachable belt clip, which I requested a second clip from the factory for the sole purpose of velcroing (industrial velcro) directly to the tank deck.  This way, I can easily attach and detach the iPOD when I leave the bike.  I have a velcro wrap around the handlebar that I use to secure the iPOD end of the audio patch cord so that isn't not just dangling. 

As for the patch cord, the near perfect solution is the Radio Shack: 1-Foot Stereo Audio Cable (1/8" Stereo Phone Plug to 1/8" Stereo Phone Plug), Part #: 42-2497  It was designed for interfacing one PC card to another, thus it's short length.  It seems to be only available in light gray.  I have considered wrapping it in black shrink wrap tubing, but it stiffens the cable too much and thus moves the strain from the cable to the connection points and thus this can weaken the connection points.  I would advise against this. 

To secure the cable when not in use and to keep it from dangling, I have a velcro wrap strap on the handlebar with a very small space whereby I can stuff the end in-between two layers of velcro, and thus it is secure.













MP3 Player: Apple IPOD Photo 30

iPOD Case: Concour Design Showcase

Patch Cord: Radio Shack #42-2497
































Prices for Apple iPODs vary.

Patch Cord:
Price: $4.99

Paid $24.95
































View with IPOD on tank, connected to the radio


View of same area without iPOD case.  The only thing visible is the clip that allows for the IPOD to be removed at will.

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Radio Shack Audio Patch Cord #42-2497


Contour Design Showcase IPOD Case

Rear view of case shows detachable clip.  I velcroed the clip to the tank, and thus, I can remove the case and iPOD when I'm off the bike.

Rear of Case showing clip attached.

H/D Road Glide (FLTR1) Seat

Note: The seat is very comfortable, even on long rides and provide a clean, low-profile appearance. I had considered another seat, but I couldn't find a reason to part with it since it was so comfortable.

The Road Glide seat is MUCH, MUCH nicer looking that the stock couch that came with the bike. I wouldn't be caught with that seat on my bike. I figured that they put that big ass seat on the stock bike so that you'd buy another (from them).

A slit just behind the driver provides for an optional driver backrest.

HD #:

H/D Top-Stitched Compact Passenger Back Pa

Styled to match Road King® Classic and Road Glide® models.

Fits '94-later Touring models equipped with Detachable Sissy Bar Upright (except 52935-04) or Luggage Rack P/N 53341-97A.

HD #:

H/D Chrome Channel Luggage Rack

Another MUST HAVE option for carrying the heavier load or a back pack.

Fits '97-later Road King®, FLHT, and FLTR models. Racks accept the following backrest pad P/Ns 52708-97A, 52709-97A, 52555-94A, 52920-98, 52924-98 and 52886-98B.


HD #:

Kuryakyn Premium ISO®-Grips with ISO Throttle Boss

For the rider who demands the ultimate in comfort and style, Küryakyn offers the Premium ISO®-Grip. This grip combines the state of the art vibration absorbing properties of the standard ISO-Grip with the fatigue reducing comfort of our ISO®-Throttle Boss.  Because of their unique removable end caps, this is one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars. ISO-Grips will fit all Harley-Davidson models with dual cable throttle controls.

Küryakyn #: 6212

H/D Chrome / Rubber Stripped Floor Boards (pair)

Nice looking, but hard to keep clean. 

Made in the U.S.A. from stamped chrome-plated steel and high-durability rubber. Retains cast-in vibration isolation found in stock footboard inserts. Foot rides on rubber tread, not on the chrome cover for long-term wear. Quick, easy replacement of stock rubber footboard insert. Includes left and right insert. Patent applied for.

HD #:

Passenger Footboard Covers

The latest in the family of Road King® Classic inspired accessories, this chrome-plated steel footboard cover features a chrome die-cast Road King® Classic medallion with black accents and a stylish leather accent piece. Mounting hardware included.

HD #:


H/D Brake Pedal Cover Kit

Chrome and Rubber both have their distinct places in the world of motorcycle styling. It seemed natural to bring the two together to create this unique collection. Bolt-on easy. Patent applied for.

HD #:
Description Part Number:


H/D Shifter Peg Kit

Great by themselves or with our Chrome and Rubber Hand Grips and Footboard Inserts, these cast, chrome-plated footpegs feature durable rubber treads with a molded-in "Bar and Shield". These pegs are adjustable (hex key included) so your feet ride on the tread comfortably whether used as rider, highway or passenger pegs.

HD #:
H/D Foot Peg Mounting Kit HD #:

H/D Foot pegs (Highway Pegs)

HD #:


Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit

Cover the front axle in a classic style. Axle nuts look great with Original Equipment satin-finish fork sliders, or add a finishing touch to a complete chrome front end. Sold in pairs.


HD 43061-04

Fairing Mount Mirrors

Replaces stock mirrors, reduces wind turbulence, provides a cleaner look and a better view.  Four small holes must be drilled on each side for mounting.  Mounting took less than one hours and was very easy.   Front fairing must be removed for installation.

They provide a wide range of adjustability and feature convex mirror glass that maximizes your field of view. The "Bar & Shield" logo is carefully laser-etched on each mirror glass. Kit includes necessary hardware, instructions and mounting template for easy installation.

Fits 96-later FLHT, FLHTC and FLHTCU models.

HD #:

H/D Windshield Chrome Strip Trim

Chrome Windshield Molding accents the outer fairing on Electra Glide® models. Easily installed, including all necessary hardware and instructions.

HD #:

American Thunder 7" Black Windshield w/ Laser Cut Engraved Skulls

Note:  American Thunder was this small company located in Las Vegas, NV. It is more of a wind deflector than a shield.  I'm 6' - 2" and the winds passes over my helmet just fine.

It is totally black, and thus you can not see thru it. 


H/D Oil Pressure / Air Temperature Guage Kit for FLHT models

This option filled in the two empty holes.

This kit finishes the instrument console on the Electra Glide® Standard. Complete with all necessary brackets and hardware.


HD #:


Chrome Outer Primary Covers


Harley PN: 60665-99B

Fits all '99-later Touring models. 

Harley PN: 60665-99B

MSRP: $341.00

Glass Sculptured Electra Glide Console Insert

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

(for Electra & Road Glides)
Hand made by Iron Glass Designs

I found this man's work on the Electra Glide Forum. His prices are great and you can't beat the quality, workmanship, beauty and service. If you really want your machine to that unique look and stand out, this man's artwork for motorcycles is just the right touch. There is nothing like it that I've seen. Frankly, I think his prices are too low. He offers all kinds of artistic glass designs for many parts of the bike. You have to check it out.

These inserts are 1/4" thick, tempered, fused glass, water jet cut for a factory fit. They are designed to replace the stock vinyl insert and will fit Electra Glides and Road Glides with console PN 61270-98. The inserts are installed on the console with silicone adhesive  that is provided. It not only stands out, but the colors are amazing when you look at it under the light of the sun. As you move, the deep colors within change ever so subtlety.


Glass Design: Iridized Honeycomb, Multi-Colored on Black

Highly Recommended

Price: $65.00
CClick to view detailed pictures of product on my bike

Glass Art Derby Cover

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

Similar to above, except glass is molded over stock derby cover.

Derby cover prices include the Glass Mounted to a stock HD derby cover, ready to bolt on. You can trade in your stock derby cover for $20 off.

Derby Cover Sample Page at Iron Glass Designs

Glass Design: Iridized Honeycomb, Multi-Colored on Black

Highly Recommended

Price: $120.00

Some models include LED rear lighting.

Click to Click to view detailed pictures of product on my bike

Glass Art Hardbag Latch Insert

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

More glass from Iron Glass Designs.  This black honeycomb glass insert replaces the dull red plastic reflector that comes stock on the hardbag latch.  It's awsome and nothing on the market comes close to making your bike more unique. 

The fit was spectaular and came with 3M industrial tape already in place. To remove the red reflector, Ted at Iron Glass Design simply said heat up the reflector with a hot air gun and the reflector easily pops off.  A little Goo Gone gum remover removed any left over glue.  I peeled the 3M  tape and popped in the glass insert.  I was pleased so say that the glass insert fit perfectly and was flush with the face of the latch.  It looks perfect.  The image is that provided on the latch without the lock.

Latch Insert Samples Page at Iron Glass Designs


Glass Design: Iridized Honeycomb, Multi-Colored on Black



Click to view detailed pictures of product on my bike
Stock Latch Cover w / Reflector

Click to view detailed pictures of product on my bike
Latch Cover w / Iron Glass Design glass insert

(No Longer Used - Replaced with above custom glass derby designed by Iron Glass Design)

H/D Chrome Derby Primary Cover (10")

HD #:

$26.36 with 20% discount


H/D Chrome Derby Cover Kit

Fits '99-'05 Dyna®, '99-'06 Softail® and Touring models. Kit contains five chrome-plated button head Torx® screws and five stainless steel washers.


HD #:


H/D Derby Timer Cover (3.5")

Fits '99-later Twin Cam-equipped models. Includes chrome-plated stainless steel mounting hardware.



HD #:

H/D Chrome Screws Set

Dress up accessory timer covers by replacing the stock zinc plate screws with brilliant chrome.

HD #:


H/D Extended Brake Pedal

Before this option was added to my bike, my right foot felt crowded and my boot was always hitting the bottom on the pedal. Now, with the extension, it feels like my foot can roam all over the place. I'd highly recommend this option for pre-2002 models. It became standard on 2002 models.

Highly recommended option.

HD #:

H/D Universal Helmet Lock

Designed to be installed on any 7/8" to 1-1/4" diameter tubing such as engine guards, saddlebag guards, and frame tubes. Conveniently secures helmets. To be used only when motorcycle is parked and locked.

HD #:
Description Part Number:

H/D Saddlebag Lid Rails

This chrome-plated stepped rail design adds protection and style to Saddlebag Lids. Kit includes left and right trim lid rails, hardware and installation instructions. Made in the U.S.A.


HD #:

H/D Passing Lamp Bezel

A must-have complement to the Headlamp Trim Ring, these chrome-plated Passing Lamp Trim Rings provide the same "frenched" look for passing lamps. Function as a direct replacement for the Original Equipment trim rings. Sold in pairs. Patented.


HD #:
Halogen Passing Lamp Upgrade

Enjoy bright balanced light which complements your Halogen Headlight. Distinctive reflective inner domes add new character to your front end. Kit includes two bulbs. These sealed beam bulbs are a direct replacement for Original Equipment or accessory Auxiliary Lighting Kits.

HD #:


H/D Headlight Trim Ring Bezel, 7"

This chrome-plated Headlamp Trim Ring extends forward, giving the headlamp assembly a "frenched" look reminiscent of classic hot rod car designs by recessing the headlamp and adding the appearance of depth. Easily installs over the Original Equipment trim ring. Patented. (Does not fit with Accessory Headlamp Visor or Passing Lamp Visor.)


HD #:

The KRUZER KADDY is a stainless steel beverage holder with an insulated liner that is quickly detachable from the chrome-plated mounting hardware.

Click here for online store

I've gotten really good use our of my unit.  I Highly Recommend this product.  There is is far superior to those stupid looking plastic gimble devices ment for a cheap boat.  The lowest picture here is where I mounted my bottle holder. 

Part # 206L . $45.00


H/DChrome Instrument Gauge Bezel (2)

This chrome-plated gauge bezel installs easily to add subtle style to your instruments.

HD #:


Chrome Indicator Lamp Bezel Cover

As a complement to our existing chrome instrument bezel series, this indicator Lamp Bezel Cover completes the look. Easy to install, chrome-plated steel stamping with adhesive backing.

HD #:

Chrome Radio Trim Bezel

This bezel surrounds your radio with chrome and complements the Chrome GaugeTrim Bezels.

HD #:

Kuryakan Rear Run-Turn-Brake Controller


This unit offers plug 'n play support and took minutes to install.  Unscrew seat, unplug connector provided under seat, insert this unit, replace lens caps, DONE.

The documentation was excellent.  This lighting module allows the turn signals on the Harley, which are normally not lit, to be used as running lights, brake light and turn signals - all in one module.  At the time that I purchased the unit, they did not provide support for a FLASHING BRAKE LIGHT when the brake was activated.  They have since added this features as an order item.  I would order this new kit if you are looking, and thus eliminate the need for a BackOFF Light Module below, which I had to hard wire into this system. 

This unit works by sending a 9 volt signal to the single element bulb within the stock turn signals.  When the brake or turn signal is activated, the line voltage increases to 12 volts and thus, the bulb gets much brighter.  You will need to replace the lenes to all red to make this unit legal.  I have since added LED lighting in addition and it works just fine.

Here is what they say about the unit:
A marvel of electronic wizardry, this module makes single filament or single circuit turn signals on the rear of the bike function as running lights, turn signals, and brake lights! It can be used with our L.E.D. or Halogen Silver Bullets, our incandescent Fender Strut Lights (P/N 2115), stock turn signals, or any single filament light you may already have installed on the rear of your bike. Completely plug-in for most ’96-newer Harley Davidson's® with single filament turn signals and a taillight with running and brake functions. Compatible with ’02-later H-D factory cruise control. Direct plug-in for: ’96-’04 Softails; ’97-’04 Dynas, Dressers, Road Kings; and ’99-’03 Sportsters. For installation on earlier models or '04 Sportsters see 8-Pin Hardwire, or 6-Pin to 8-Pin Adapters listed in this section. Important: 4859 is not compatible with aftermarket or accessory modules that alter the functions of the stock taillight and turn signals. If you have already made modifications to your bikes taillight and/or turn signals, you will have to return your bike to stock form before installing our Controller.

Part #: 4859  //   $69.95
Rear Run-Turn-Brake Controller with pulse brake capability


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   Don't even consider the unit from Harley Davidson, which does not offer running lights option. 

Click to view product details at their site


Kuryakan Part #: 4859

Signal Dynamics BackOFF Brake Light Module

Maximize your Brake Light Effectiveness with BackOFF. This compact solid state electronic module converts your ordinary brake light into an attention getting visual alerting device, creating more visibility and conspicuity when you are stopped or stopping. With BackOFF-MC installed, when you apply your brakes, it causes your brake light to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 3 short light flashes, followed by 1 steady on light condition of 3.5 seconds. This signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied. This pattern is not random, but has been selected because of its ability to gain and retain following drivers attention.

Most states drivers handbooks recommend that you flash your brakes when slowing or stopping. The BackOFF-MC automatically facilitates compliance and enhances safety. Install the BackOFF-MC and see how much more effective your brake light can be.

Note:  This unit was installed ahead of the Kuryakyn Rear Run/Turn/Brake Controller.  The pair work great together, however, Kuryakyn has added a FLASHING option to their controller, which I would highly recommend.  When the brakes are activated, the brake light and both turn signal lights flash brightly 4 flashes, followed by a longer steady light.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Easy Installation. - Simply install the BackOFF-MC module in line with your brake light wire between your brake light switch and your brake light.
Large power capacity: - 12 volts DC, Maximum Capacity 10 Amps!
Compact size. - 2-1/4"L x 1-5/8"W x 5/8"H
Sealed Weather Resistant heat sink case.
Limited Warranty - One Year!

Link on the web:

Installation Directions:


Signal Dynamics Part #: 01001











Radiantz 4 1/2" Flexible LED Lighting Array (2)

Red LED Array w 1MM Spacing. Comes in Clear or Red Tube. Sealed and ready to adhere with self stick adhesive.

I also finally got around to installing an LED lighting strip on the lower rear portion of my hard bags. The look great. No exposed wires. They are very bright and I have them set up that they are running lights (at 70% brightness) and brake and turn lights (100% brightness). No way is an old lady going to not see me – at least, that’s the desire.

Each LED lighting strip will be mounted to my hard bags for better rear lighting. This should help be stay clear of the elderly here in Florida.  It should be noted that you should wire the wiring such that you can easily disconnect the wiring to remove the bags relatively easily.

$79.98 (pair)

Skull with Wings Decorative Medallion - Chrome

Display a touch of attitude. Ideal for use on plate-style sissy bar uprights and battery covers, the adhesive backing on these high-quality cast medallions allow easy installation on most flat surfaces.

Placed on front fender, each side.

Universal fitment for 5" x 1.5".

HD #:

$ 25.95 (pair)

Front Fender Skirt with Skull Logo

This decorative chrome-plated fender skirt is a direct replacement for the stock fender skirt. Features a three dimensional sculpted concho with skull design that is set off by black accents. Mounting hardware included.

Fits '80-later Touring and '86-later FLSTC and FLSTN models.

Click to link

HD #:
100th Anniversary Medallion
$ 59.95


The 'Low Cruiser' kit will lower the rear of your bike 1 1/2" without decreasing rear wheel travel. A set of powder painted bolt on shock mounts which move the lower attachment points of the shocks further back and down, includes all hardware and instructions. 30 minute installation time. (Sold in sets)

I bought my kit from a local Harley dealer from the Clearance Box.  Price was much lower than MSRP below.


28-274 Black 2002-up FLT models. $114.95

See description

Electra Glide Fender Emblem Set

Group Description: These sets feature clips or studs and nuts to attach to fender as original accessory, but can be mounted to fenders and saddlebags. Sold in pairs.

No longer sold by Harley

HD #:

J&P #: 38-6673 or 710-175


Total Cost of Equipment Installed



Grand Total Options

$ 4,806.91

$ 312.45


$ 5,119.36


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Asking $10,750

See details comparison of most all 15 ElectraGlide STD's between 2000 - 2006 as listed at CycleTRADE online on March 3, 2008

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