The Smoky Mountain Tour - Man, can it get better than this.  This is what I have been dreaming of for years.

Page 3 of 5         July, 2004


View looking south just past the dam. It had just rained and the rain created a cooling affect on the water which was so good looking.


Phil posing at the bridge on the lower side of Tapoco Dam. 
More than once in fact.

Every road was amazing.  We're heading back to West Union, SC along the foothills of the Smoky's.


When I mean every road was amazing, I mean it.  Its hard to find one you wouldn't like.

Yet another one of millions of great riding roads.  You couldn't pick a bad road.

When we get back to West Union, SC, we are met by Candice's sister Linda and and her husband Mike.  After a good hike in the mountains, we are taken to dinner by Charley and Dotty.  Dinner is at this great traditional southern restaurant in nearby Winchester, S.C..  The food is great and the portions amazingly large - and very fattening. 

Above, Linda and Mike share smiles.  Yes - Mike is related to Neil Sadaka. 


Dotty with her usual smile with daughter Linda at her side.
The next day, we take a ride into the Natahala and Sumter National Forests that border the S.C. and N.C. lines.  Again, the views are spectacular.
We bring Linda and Mike along this time.  Here we are back at Stumphouse Tunnel Falls . 
Candice at the base of Stumphouse Tunnel Falls

Candice and Phil at the base of Stumphouse Tunnel Falls .  It is here that I slip on the rocks and nearly ruin my knee.


Stumphouse Tunnel Falls
We continue on our day trip with Mike and Linda to take a ride over to White River Falls.   We are almost there and the views continue to be spectacular.