My Motorcycle Journey -
Rides in the Boston Area

The Summer, 2002 Boston Ronald McDonnell Charity Home Ride.


Getting ready to start the run. This me (right) and Aurelio, the person I sold my previous Honda Shadow 750 to.

Aurelio found my bike on and happened to live in the next town. Since then, we've been riding together often.He was very green - so green that I had to teach him how to use the clutch and work the gears. Since then, he's taken classes and has already logged more than 8,000 miles. He loves it and since then, we've been riding together a lot and have become good friends.



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How many events do you know of that they close down an Interstate for more than 30 minutes and have a 250 motorcycle police escort. Not even the president gets that kind of treatment. There were more than 250 police escorts to help out.

It was a blast.

In the picture to the left, there are bikes as far as you can see on Interstate 95 (Route 128). Click the image for an enlarged view.

Click on this thumbnail to see how many bikes are on Interstate 95.

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Thousands turned out to watch as a steady flow of motorcycles lasted more than 39 minutes along Interstate 95 (Rt. 128)


The number of spectators grows at every overpass.

More than 6,500 riders contributed to the Ronald McDonald Home. After an 80 mile ride, it's time for lunch and music.

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This is me at the Ronald McDonnell Charity House Run where we stopped for food and music. The ride was a blast. The ride




Aurelio in front of the crowd on Ronald McDonnell Run.




Laconia Bike Week 2002

Wiers Beach, Main Street - Just beginning to fill up.




Phil - Just shopping on Weirs Beach Blvd.


Aurelio on the way home from Laconia, 2002. What a great day it was.



Boston Harley's Annual Halloween Charity Ride - Oct 27, 2002.

What a gorgeous fall day. 2500 riders showed up from all over the place for this special ride that runs throughout the Boston suburbs to historic Salem, MA. (the witch city). With a police escort, we rode without stopping for lights and intersections. It was pure fun. Crowds lined many of the city streets to watch the huge parade of riders. Many threw candy to the cheering kids. They loved it.

What was most evident were the many fathers who do wanted to be a part of this event. If only they had a bike.


Some of the people there were just soo plastic....:-)

And full of hot air too.

The crew getting ready to take off....