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Iron Glass Designs components on my ride.

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My 2001 Electra Glide STD.  Details for Iron Glass Designs products on my FLHT.


Glass Sculptured Electra Glide Console Insert

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

(for Electra & Road Glides)
Hand made by Iron Glass Designs

I found this man's work on the Electra Glide Forum. His prices are great and you can't beat the quality, workmanship, beauty and service. If you really want your machine to that unique look and stand out, this man's artwork for motorcycles is just the right touch. There is nothing like it that I've seen. Frankly, I think his prices are too low. He offers all kinds of artistic glass designs for many parts of the bike. You have to check it out.

These inserts are 1/4" thick, tempered, fused glass, water jet cut for a factory fit. They are designed to replace the stock vinyl insert and will fit Electra Glides and Road Glides with console PN 61270-98. The inserts are installed on the console with silicone adhesive  that is provided. It not only stands out, but the colors are amazing when you look at it under the light of the sun. As you move, the deep colors within change ever so subtlety.

Glass samples here

Check out the various designs for console inserts here.































View above with my iPod mounted on the glass console insert.




Glass Art Derby Cover

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

Similar to above, except glass is molded over stock derby cover.

Derby cover prices include the Glass Mounted to a stock HD derby cover, ready to bolt on. You can trade in your stock derby cover for $20 off.

Derby Cover Sample Page at Iron Glass Designs


























Glass Art Hardbag Latch Insert

Designed and Fabricated by Iron Glass Design
Custom Glass for Motorcycles

More glass from Iron Glass Designs.  This black honeycomb glass insert replaces the dull red plastic reflector that comes stock on the hardbag latch.  It's awesome and nothing on the market comes close to making your bike more unique. 

The fit was spectacular and came with 3M industrial tape already in place. To remove the red reflector, Ted at Iron Glass Design simply said heat up the reflector with a hot air gun and the reflector easily pops off.  A little Goo Gone gum remover removed any left over glue.  I peeled the 3M  tape and popped in the glass insert.  I was pleased so say that the glass insert fit perfectly and was flush with the face of the latch.  It looks perfect.  The image is that provided on the latch without the lock.

Latch Insert Samples Page at Iron Glass Designs






Stock Latch
Stock Latch Cover w/Reflector

Iron Glass Design's Latch Insert
Latch Cover w / Iron Glass Design glass insert

To the right, is a picture of Ted from Iron Glass Design standing next to his next project.  He's the man behind Iron Glass Design and developer of this most unique product. 

I've communicated with him on several occasions.  He's always been extremely responsive and very helpful, not to mention a really nice guy.

Ted's Road King


Ted's Road King and what's glass he's added to his ride

** Prices reflect the 20% discount offered by Harley-Davidson of Mason City, Iowa
Phone (641) 423-6007)


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